Midwest Ink Hydro H2O printing inks allow you to print using just water, no fountain solution.  So what is so extraordinary about that?  All conventional inks used today utilize caustic chemicals (fountain solution is a mixture of these chemicals and water) that have a negative reaction/impact on the printing hardware, the ink itself, and the environment through their disposal and emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).  This represents a significant cost savings avenue that only Hydro H2O Inks can traverse. Secondly, and more importantly, Midwest Ink's Hydro H2O printing inks prints upwards of 20-40% sharper.  What that means is that colors are much more vibrant, images appear sharper, more in focus, and the overall package appearance is noticeably brighter.  To put it mildly, the quality is of such an increase in magnitude that it is apparent to the naked eye.

"Environmentally friendly!", the catch phrase for the new Millennia.  You see it everywhere, "Printed on recycled stock", "Please recycle this package when you are done", and "Printed with post consumer waste stock". The printing process, by nature, is a gradual process of improvement.  Rarely do you see such a quantum leap in print quality.  Well, here is the revolution in printing, available today, and available only from Midwest Ink!

Let us show you the night and day difference in quality that you can achieve while saving you money over your current ink product.  Astounding claims?  Let us prove it to you!  Step up to the new printing standard in quality and environmentally friendly inks!

Hydro H20 Ink Technology running for over 11 months

Midwest Ink, a leader in NEW INK TECHNOLOGY, has developed a line of printing inks that runs without any fountain solution, etch or subs being added to your tanks. We have beta tested and been running it for over 11 months consecutively now.

Hydro H2O Ink has proven the following benefits:

  • Sharper Dot Reproduction: Fountain solutions utilize caustic chemicals that attack the resins and pigments in oil based inks, increasing the dot gain.
  • Faster setting and oxidation of the ink film: Alcohol substitutes contain chemicals that retard the drying and sometimes impedes the oxidation process of the ink when the waters are run to high to keep the non-image areas open.
  • Improved setting and adhesion to the non-porous substrates: Fountain solution slows down the ink oxidation and hinders the adhesion properties of the ink film.
  • Improved ink transfer and Roller maintenance: Fountain solutions aggressive chemicals dry out dampening and ink rollers. This causes their durometer to change as well as their settings. The deterioration of these rollers creates toning, stripping and overall glazing which requires excessive washups and down time dollars. Hydro H20 inks running with just tap water will improve the ink transfer, extend the life of the roller train, dampening system, and time required to make adjustments for the durometer changes.
  • Improved in-line coatings, film lamination, and blister pak adhesion: Fountain solution trapped under water based, and UV coatings contributes to blocking and picking. This is a gray area of liability all to familiar to printers when a job does not coat properly.
  • Superior Trapping: With a better ink transfer, the trapping is naturally enhanced significantly.
  • No time is wasted monitoring the fountain solution PH, there are no Chemicals, just TAP WATER.
  • Hydro H2O inks running with just tap water reduces calcium extraction from all paper substrates: Fountain solutions are directly responsible for attacking the coating and extracting the calcium from all paper substrates. The calcium is then transferred to the plates, blankets, and ink train, leaving a white haze which causes plate binding and roller stripping. This creates paper problems, causing major paper waste and downtime dollars for maintenance.
  • With no chemicals being added to the fountain solution, your VOC emission reporting to the state is reduced.
  • Since there are no chemicals added to the tanks, you don’t have to dispose of the tank waste through a licensed waste hauler, which is a significant savings.
  • Midwest Ink’s Hydro H2O product line will allow you to print sharper while saving you time and money in the new Millennia. Step up to the cutting edge of     TECHNOLOGY in printing!!!

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