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Honored with the 2002 GATF Intertech Award

        Midwest Ink was just awarded the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) InterTech 2002 Award.  As one of only 11 recipients of this prestigious award and the only ink company honored, we are confident that this only indicates the strength of our product line and its benefits.

      The criteria for judging a product/technology is that it is recently developed, is not in widespread use, but is proven to have an industrial application.  The award stands as a prediction of the recipient's technology and its impact on industry production and profitability.  Over the 24 years that the GATF has been making these awards, upwards of 80% have proven themselves commercially acceptable in the marketplace.  That is quite a track record!

      The awards are judged, not by the GATF staff, but an independent panel of industry technical experts.  Look for the updates to our website next week, and if you are members of the GATF, you will have received an e-mail as well as a brochure in the next month or two headlining the winning technologies.  To check out information about the GATF/GAIN, please click on the following link:

Below is a comment from one of the GATF judges:


    Hydro H2O Inks

Midwest Ink Company, Broadview, IL, www.midwestink.com or www.ictwink.com

Hydro H2O Inks enable printing using just water, no fountain solution.  The absence of chemicals eliminates negative reactions/impacts on the printing hardware, the ink itself, and the environment.  This process greatly reduces calcium extraction from all paper substrates, and therefore reduces calcium buildup on plates, blankets, and ink trains that lead to press downtime.  Additionally, there will be better trap.  Midwest's Heatset version of Hydro H2O Inks has given the above results while allowing the oven temperatures to be lowered by 30 or 40 degrees.  "Printers who use Hydro H2O Inks will see countless advantages such as fewer blanket wash-ups and replacement, reduced downtime and paper waste, and increased ink stability and setting," remarked a judge.

    So peruse through our website and click on the Hydro H2O Benefits button for more details on what is so exciting about this ink product line!


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